If you would like to speak with someone fully confidentially, there are on-campus options.

One Pard recipients will keep all submissions private, which means information will never be shared unnecessarily and they will not disclose a reporter’s name without permission unless legally required. Some situations, such as those that present a danger to an individual student or our community, may require recipients to share information with others so that they can most effectively intervene.

Licensed counselors, ordained clergy (when serving in their religious capacity), and the Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator are the College employees whose professional privileges or roles allow them to provide fully confidential services and support with extremely limited exceptions.

Lafayette Counseling Center
Bailey Health Center, Second Floor


For urgent concerns when the Counseling Center is closed, call (610) 330-5005 to be connected with a crisis counselor.  In the case of life-threatening emergencies, call Public Safety at 610-330-4444 for immediate assistance.

Lafayette College Chaplain
115 Farinon College Center


Alex Hendrickson is the College’s Director of Religious & Spiritual Life and College Chaplain. She can be reached during normal business hours.

Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator
210 Feather House


Katy Bednarsky is the College’s Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator. She can be reached during normal business hours.