on campus resources

What is hazing?

The Lafayette College definition of hazing can be found in the Student Code of Conduct within the Student Handbook.

State laws, including those in Pennsylvania, can be found using this interactive map maintained by hazingprevention.org.

How can I report hazing?

If you have been hazed, have witnessed hazing, or suspect that someone you know has been hazed, you can report your observations to Lafayette officials. For confidential support options, please see below.

Make a phone call to a College staff member. The accuracy and specificity of information provided is critical in guiding follow-up efforts.  Please provide as much detail as possible.

  • To discuss concerns about a specific group:
    • Athletics 610-330-5702
    • Intramural and club sports 610-330-5778
    • Student organizations 610-330-5772
    • Fraternities and sororities.  610-330-5580.
  • To discuss concerns about any group:
    • Lafayette College Office of Public Safety (non-emergency line) 610-330-5330
    • Dean of Students  610-330-5320
    • Office of Student Conduct  610-330-5082
    • Student Support & Intervention Team 610-330-5082

Confidential resources

If you or a friend have been directly affected by hazing, confidential support is available from the Counseling Center and the College chaplain.

Counseling Center:  610-330-5005

College Chaplain:  610-330-5959